CLIENT: University of Delaware Department of Art

BRIEF: The University of Delaware Visual Communications Class of 2016 needs portraits of each designer to represent them throughout the branding of their senior exhibition. Each designer was assigned an exact CMYK value to symbolize their "pop" of originality within our collaborative environment. They were all instructed to paint an object of their choice in that hue to strengthen their presence.

Skill set: digital photography, green screen, photo retouching, art direction, cinematography, video editing

VIDEO BRIEF: There is no denying the competition within the creative industry. How do we deal with this competition? We turn it against itself. We collaborate. Sometimes our biggest competitors are our biggest inspirations. Over the past four years, we have all worked hard both together and against each other to better ourselves as artists, designers, and creatives. Divide each of the 7 color families into "teams" to represent our collaboration. Pit them against each other for the sake of competition. It's time for the final showdown utilizing the only physical competitions we art students can handle.